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Traditional building blocks and 'Play-Doh' are far better for children's learning than high-tech educational toys and videos, experts have revealed. Psychologists are warning that many expensive games might actually restrict children's progress by stifling their creativity and hindering their social skills. American child development expert Professor Kathy Hirsh-Pasek believes youngsters spend too long in front of television and computer screens when they could be playing with basic toys; she claims that so-called 'smart' toys fail to teach children to play imaginatively. In contrast, wooden blocks, crayons, costumes, paints and balls help them develop crucial lifelong skills such as problem-solving and perseverance. They also make it easier for parents to join in, which is vital for boosting children's learning.

It is this approach to indoor play that Little Angels strives to achieve with each child, providing essential play things such as building blocks, balls, arts and crafts, as well as providing for imaginative play with dressing-up corners, treasure chests, and role play furniture.

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